Travel insurance, (including trip cancellation) is highly recommended. Purchase Travel, Life, Health, and Trip Cancellation together.

This is not the USA. Road and weather conditions, as well as earthquakes and volcanoes can close roads for hours if not days in some rare cases. If we are stopped or delayed, for any reason, from arriving at our destination, or you have a health problem or are involved in an accident and you have no cancellation or accident insurance, we will not be liable to pay for any expenses to change flights missed, or pay for the change hotels to another location We will have pre-paid for hotels. If we cannot, for some reason get to a hotel, we are not responsible for paying for the 2nd hotel. These situations are what travel insurance should cover. By paying for, and committing to this tour, you are agreeing that the responsibility of purchasing Travel/Life/Health/Cancellation insurance is yours and that we are in no way expected to provide payment for anything other than our originally scheduled plans and expenses.

See "Terms and Conditions" under "Tours" tab for additional information.

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